Welcome to Savoring Home

Updated: November 2, 2016

Welcome to Savoring Home, a collection of scribbles by a stay-at-home wife who writes. I’m Annette Smith, and this is my blog. Want to know more about Savoring Home?

I started this blog to share my love of home – the people AND the place. I believe home is where God plants you, and you’re never in the wrong place to serve Him.

My goal is to inspire you to love YOUR home and the everyday life you’re called to. It can be an extraordinary life, filled with passion and purpose!

[ctt template=”1″ link=”01E9z” via=”no” ]Home is where God plants you, and you’re never in the wrong place to serve Him.[/ctt]

My Blog

Savoring Home is a lifestyle blog about home, family, and faith. I write about ways to manage a house, build a marriage, and create a home. My posts always have YOU in mind, but they also reflect what I love most:

  • Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior
  • Mitchell Smith, my loving husband
  • our sweet and cozy Florida home

Currently, home is a tiny apartment in Orlando, Florida. But we’re building a house in Grand Island, a lake community north of the city. While city life has it’s perks, we are SO ready for small town living!

Mitchell and Annette Smith

My Biography

As you read about Savoring Home, you may wonder, “Who is Annette Smith?” I’m a Christian, a wife, a homemaker, and a writer – in that order. Every day, I learn more about God and more about savoring home.

Before I started this blogging journey, I was a preschool teacher, librarian, and foster home developer. But not all at once! I spent most of that time (25 years) in the library world.

My husband has itchy feet. When I married him, I adopted his gypsy lifestyle. We’ve moved eight times in nine years! That’s why I love blogging. I can take my virtual desk anywhere.

My Family

Mitch and I will celebrate nine years of marriage in December. We share a heart for God and the will to serve wherever He leads. And we have the same life verse: Proverbs 3:5-6.

Old cars, classic films, Third Day, and Asian buffets – these are some of our favorite things. And we adore Elvis and Prissie, our furry felines. They are more than pets, they’re our family.

My Writing

Although I’m a full-time homemaker, I also work from home. I earn a modest income as a blogger, freelance writer, and social media evaluator.

Most of my work involves ghostwriting or search engine optimization (SEO) for Web clients. I also have by-lined articles on Footprints of Fayette and HubPages. I started Savoring Home in 2013.

Over to You

Now it’s YOUR turn to chime in. Pick a blog post, introduce yourself in the comments, and tell me something about YOU. I can’t wait to meet you, and I hope we become fast friends!

Blessings, Annette