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Updated: October 17, 2016

Do you have a question, suggestion, or idea for a blog post? I love meeting my readers, and I love sharing ideas about home, family, and faith. If this sounds like you, we should connect! Here’s how to contact Savoring Home:

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A blog comment is the best way to reach me if your comment relates to a post. I read all the comments and try to respond to each one. But please comment responsibly. I delete all comments that are off-topic, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.

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If you have something else in mind – such as a question about my freelance writing services – send me an email. I will send a reply in a timely manner. But email responsibly. I filter and delete all spam and junk email.

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Seashells in a Bottle Boxed Note CardsSocial media is all about communication, engagement, and relationship. I’m active on several social media websites, but here are the best ways to connect with me:

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As a freelance writer, I provide content for sites across the Web. Much of my work involves ghostwriting, but you can find some of my bylined articles on HubPages. There, you can post a comment or send me fan mail.

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