5 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Create a Home You Love

5 Quotes About Home That Will Inspire You to Create a Home You Love

Updated on January 15, 2018

June is National Homeownership Month, a time to celebrate the benefits and joys of owning a home. This year, it has special significance for Mitch and me: It inspires us to ponder the impact homeownership has on our lives.

Six months ago, we made the leap from apartment dwellers to homeowners. We traded our little city apartment for a three-bedroom house in the country. After nine years of renting, we now own a home of our own – well, a mortgage anyway.

I love, love, LOVE our house – for what it is and what it can become. I live and work at home, and it’s one of my favorite places to be. But it didn’t feel that way at first.

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How to Create a Feeling of Home

Our house is a new build. It was fun to drive to the home site each week to snap construction photos and watch the house take shape. But excitement turned to overwhelm when we finally moved in.

How would we ever fill the blank walls and empty spaces without breaking the bank? And how could we create a feeling of “home” right from the start?

The answer: with a little creativity … and my Wayfair wish list (see some of my favorites below) … AND my husband’s knack for finding good deals! But more important, with a clear understanding of what home means to us.

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5 Inspirational Quotes About Home

Anyone can create a home sweet home, even when the budget is tight. There are countless ideas and projects online (Pinterest, anyone?). For some of us, the hardest part is getting started.

5 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Create a Home You Love

But a little inspiration may be all you need to jump-start creativity. With this in mind, I’m sharing five inspirational quotes about home.

These quotes can help you define “home” (and also, your role as a homemaker) so you can create a home you’ll love. Enjoy the read, then share your favorite quote in the comments.

And, by the way … please don’t think that owning a home is a prerequisite for making a home. It’s not.

You might rent a condo, share a dorm room, or travel the world in a camper van. Wherever you live, you can create a haven of beauty, comfort, and peace. May these quotes about home inspire you to create YOUR dream home.

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1. Create a God-Honoring Home

Elizabeth George

Quote: “A woman who walks with God honors Him in the way she manages her home.”

Author: Elizabeth George [visit her website]
Source: A Woman After God’s Own Heart

2. Create a Ministering Home

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Quote: “No matter what season you’re in, married or single, your home can be a powerful place for ministry.”

Author: Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth [visit her website]
Source: God’s Beautiful Design for Women

3. Create a Welcoming Home

Mary DeMuth

Quote: “I want my home to be that kind of place – a place of sustenance, a place of invitation, a place of welcome.”

Author: Mary DeMuth [visit her website]
Source: Live Uncaged

4. Create a Well-Loved Home

Melissa Michaels

Quote: “A well-loved home will always be a bit of a beautiful mess.”

Author: Melissa Michaels [visit her website]
Source: Love the Home You Have

5. Create a Stylish Home

Emilie Barnes

Quote: “Style isn’t what you have; it’s what you do with what you have.”

Author: Emilie Barnes (1938-2016)
Source: Decorating Dreams on a Budget

Closing Thoughts

You deserve a home you love. This might mean moving or building a house, like we did. Or it could mean enhancing your current home to complement what you like and how you live.

Defining home – understanding what it means to you – will help you create a home that aligns with your lifestyle. I hope these quotes about home give you the jump-start you need to create YOUR home sweet home.

5 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Create a Home You Love

And Now, Over to You

Thank you for reading my post. Now it’s YOUR turn to chime in. How do you define home? What steps are you taking to create the home of your dreams?

I would love to hear your tips for making a home. Or even your favorite quotes about home. Let’s fill the comments with friendly conversation.

Scroll down to leave a reply, ask a question, or just say hello. And if you liked this post, please give it a share.

Blessings, Annette


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