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How to Prepare Your Family for Easter: 9 Fun and Easy Ways

How to Prepare Your Family for Easter: 9 Fun and Easy Ways

Easter is a fun time for families. Egg hunts, bunny visits, colorful crafts to brighten the home – the season is chock-full of fun. But as we celebrate God’s glory, let’s remember that it’s more important to prepare our hearts than our homes.

In this post, I’ll share nine fun and easy ways to prepare your family for Easter. You’ll also discover some FREE downloads to enhance their biblical learning. Choose the ones you like and make them part of your family’s Easter traditions.

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9 Ways to Prepare Your Family for Easter

Easter is an amazing holiday, one that stands out from the crowd. Why? Because to experience true joy on this day, we must understand the hard truth of God’s sacrifice (John 3:16).

Here are some fun and easy ways to prepare your family for Easter. Simple things to do now so you’ll be ready to accept His grace on Easter morning.

1. Easter Devotions

Start a week before Easter, and schedule some family time to read the Bible together. Start with 1 Corinthians 15 and then add other verses about the resurrection. This is a good way to unite your family around a specific verse or Scripture passage.

Use Bible journals and devotionals to spur family discussions. To further help, LifeWay Kids updated their Easter devotional guide for 2017.

LifeWay Kids Free Easter Devotional Guide

This FREE download will help your family study the Bible together. And everyone will better understand the resurrection. Here’s what you’ll find in the new version:

  • Short daily devotions
  • Bible verses and references
  • Prayers to recite together
  • Biblical learning guides

2. Easter Eggs

Resurrection eggs are a fun way to share the Easter story with your children. Make the eggs yourself (let your older kids help you), or purchase a set from Nest Learning.

For the do-it-yourself version, fill an empty egg cartoon with a dozen plastic Easter eggs. Inside each container, place a Bible verse, Easter symbol, or kid-friendly Bible lesson.

Focus on the Family has some FREE downloads to get you started – five mini-lessons for Easter. Download them, print them out, and read them with your family.

“[Kids] need to know that dying was Jesus’ reason for living,” wrote Tim Sanford, a Focus on the Family counselor. And they need to know about the resurrection.

3. Easter Books

Books are always a good idea for Easter (but I’m a former librarian, so I’m biased). Choose books that will enrich your family’s spiritual life. Ones that will deepen their understanding of God’s love, grace, and sacrifice.

Choose a missionary biography for older kids. Or read The Pleasures of God, by John Piper (see the chapter called “God’s Pleasure in Bruising His Son”).

God Gave Us Easter, by Lisa T. Bergren and Laura J. Bryant, is a good choice for young children. Or consider these Easter books and fun activities.

4. Easter Movies

The Passion of the Christ is a wonderful movie to watch with teenagers or young adults. Mel Gibson’s portrayal of Jesus during His final hours is very powerful. But be aware: The movie contains graphic, realistic violence.

For little ones, consider the Jesus Film – a project of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). This excellent movie is scripted with words from the Bible. View it online, or visit Cru’s film library to watch The Story of Jesus for Children.

Make Room for Faith-Filled Goodies

If you enjoy classic films as much as I do, here are four excellent movies to watch with your family this holiday season:

5. Easter Songs

Kids love music. To prepare your family for Easter, fill your home and car with Easter songs.

Introduce your family to classic hymns like “The Old Rugged Cross.” Or display this decorative piece in your home as a reminder of God’s love and grace.

6. Easter Art

The Bible has had a remarkable influence on Western art. The passion of Christ (the story of His final days) is one of the most-portrayed subjects in art history. Many of these portrayals are quite powerful.

If you live in the city, visit a local art museum. At this time of year, you may find art that depicts Christ’s crucifixion, burial, or resurrection. If you live in a rural area, you can tour some of the great art museums online.

7. Easter Crafts

Children are not abstract thinkers. They learn by watching, listening, seeing, and doing. Craft projects give them concrete images that provide a bridge to abstract concepts.

Ministry-to-Children offers several parent and teacher resources that minister to kids. Visit their Easter resource page for FREE Easter craft ideas. You’ll find instructions for paper crafts, resurrection eggs, painted crosses, and more.

8. Easter Recipes

Super Simple Holiday Cookies: Easy Cookie Recipes for Kids

Are your children hopping around the house waiting for Easter to arrive? Let them help you in the kitchen with treats for the holiday table.

Super Simple Holiday Cookies has fun ideas for Easter and other holidays.

Or visit the DLTK family of websites. They have a page of Bible recipes for kids. One to try: Easter Story Cookies, which reinforces the story of Christ’s death and resurrection.

9. Easter Service Projects

My last tip involves service projects in your community. Read John 13 together and decide how your family can bless others.

One holiday, my family participated in a foot washing service at church. Another time, we served dinners at a homeless shelter. Maybe your family could visit a children’s hospital and spend time with the kids there.

How to Prepare Your Family for Easter: 9 Fun and Easy Ways

Over to You

Now it’s YOUR turn to chime in. How do you prepare your family for Easter? What is their favorite holiday tradition? What new thing will you try this year?

Let’s fill the comments with friendly conversation. Scroll down the page to leave a reply, ask a question, or just say hello.

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